Tobacco & Spirits

Tobacco & Spirits manufacturers are affected by counterfeiting and diversion through the loss of revenues and brand erosion; governments are affected through the loss of tax revenues and the rise in illegal activities brought on by the lack of an effective deterrent.

Tax evasion, especially on tobacco and spirits, is a major problem for government authorities, with potentially large amounts of tax revenue lost to illegal activities.  Government tax stamp systems demand a new level of security of multi-level marking and authentication to both identify legitimate goods, and guarantee the anticipated revenues.

For manufacturers of high end and high value products, protection of brand image and price premiums is paramount.  But, when counterfeiters want to capitalize on the brand equity of a product, the easiest way is to create quality packaging with shoddy merchandise on the inside. The consumer usually can’t tell the difference and when the product doesn’t measure up, guess who they blame?  Now you can protect your products and your company’s good name by simply applying the DNA MATRIX™.

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