About Us

DNA Technologies was founded in 1993 by Charles Butland. The company, initially named Art Guard International, was first conceived as an art authentication system for our inaugural customer, Joe Barbera, of Hanna-Barbera fame.

Shortly afterwards, the O.J. Simpson trial helped introduce the term “DNA evidence” into common parlance. The marketing value of Charles’ invention became apparent. The company was then renamed DNA Technologies, Inc. The company was recently acquired by Wendell Smith, whose company, Polestar Ltd., was a long-time partner of DNA Technologies Inc. then merged with PhotoSecure. PhotoSecure was an innovative company, started by the long-time collaborator Photonics Center of Boston University. They had pioneered the use of unique photoluminescent dyes as security identifiers.

The Life Sciences Research Institiute - DNA Technologies' New Home
The Life Sciences Research Institiute – our new home

DNA taggants (uniquely encoded materials, like a fingerprint’s signature of identity) represent the ultimate marker for security purposes. The highly specific and detailed analysis required for forensic proof of identity is well accepted. DNA Technologies, Inc. has the ability to offer our customers unlimited numbers of unique inks, dyes and films. They provide a very high degree of security and reliability, which act as significant obstacles and deterrents for potential counterfeiters.

The patented technology uses DNA-laced ink to tag and protect valuable products, brands and intellectual property. Key benefits of the technology include the ability to:

• Recover revenues and market share
• Track distribution on an ongoing basis to control product piracy and diversion
• Preserve the integrity of products in the marketplace
• Increase consumer confidence in famous brands