At some point in their lives, everyone needs some sort of medication. Sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals is a huge and very lucrative business. When our doctor orders a prescription to treat a specific medical problem, we assume we are getting the right medication. But are we?

Counterfeiters can now mass manufacture credible imitations of real or generic drugs, alter drugs with partial or totally fake ingredients or flood the market with illegal or addictive drugs: e.g. pain killers. The majority are sold on the internet or on the grey market, usually at a drastically reduced price. Any of these can reduce your sales or ruin your good name.

Pharmaceutical companies can protect the quality of their prescription and OTC products using the DNA Matrix™. This counterfeit-proof marker can easily be applied to product labels and integrated into the manufacturing process. DNA Matrix™ can also help reduce potential product liability and legal expenses. Consumers, distributors, doctors and pharmacists will know that they are buying their medication from a trusted manufacturer, who has a reputation for making legitimate products containing the correct ingredients.