Our key product is the DNA Matrix™, a high security anti-counterfeiting mark that cannot be reverse engineered or duplicated.  The DNA Matrix™ can be a covert or overt mark, detectable with specially calibrated readers for “in the field” verification.

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, the building block of the gene chemistry of any living organism.  The DNA of an individual is well known in the forensic field as “evidence of conviction” because of its uniqueness and is now accepted by the courts of justice worldwide as verified evidence of source.  DNA has become synonymous with proof of authenticity and scientific accuracy and these powerful attributes make DNA a prime candidate for a unique security marker.

DNA MatrixTo use DNA as an authentication mark, identifiable gene segments are combined into an ink that can be applied as either a visible or invisible marker called the DNA Matrix™.  The DNA encoded genetic markers are an impenetrable line of defense. Oligomers (small sections of DNA) are assembled, encrypted and hidden. By arranging the As, Gs, Cs and Ts (the markers that make up the DNA alphabet) the number of variants possible in a DNA authentication mark is immense. The DNA Matrix™, when included in printing inks, creates a unique multi-level security construction, easily identified in the field, and indisputably verifiable in the laboratory.  The DNA Matrix™ is virtually impossible to decode and economically impractical to attempt to duplicate or reverse engineer and can be used in conjunction with existing labels, serial numbers, holograms, and other marking systems for an even more cost-effective solution.