DNA Matrix™ Holograms

The addition of covert security features to the overt security measures of a hologram or hot stamp foil, adds a layer of undetectable security that is extremely difficult to identify or replicate.  DNA Technologies has developed the innovative DNA Matrix™ Hologram that incorporates DNA taggants into holographic images.  These new holographic security features combine benefits of first glance visual recognition, known and appreciated by the end user/ consumer.  The holographic image prevents counterfeiting of articles by any digital copier or traditional printing equipment.

Detection of the covert security feature is enabled by a simple reader that relies on spectrum analysis of the specially designed holographic feature.  Simple ‘Go – No Go’ verification does not require any special skill or knowledge of the security features embedded in the hologram.

Final confirmation of the DNA Matrix™ is performed in an authorized laboratory, to match the specific DNA sequence.