Security Threads

Security threads are perhaps best recognized in currencies and financial documents. Threads are embedded within the paper fiber and can be covert, such that the features fluoresce under ultraviolet or infrared light sources. Security threads can be used as an anti-counterfeiting device government documents such as visas, passports and identity documents.

The other kind of security thread is the single or multicolor sewing thread made from cotton or synthetic fibers, mostly fluorescent, for the bookbinding of passport booklets

Security threads are an efficient and reliable security element. They offer a high level of protection against counterfeiting due to the complex techniques used to produce them. The DNA Matrix™ has recently been incorporated into synthetic fibers to further enhance protection against counterfeiting, by blending with the raw material used to create sewing threads. The threads are designed for use in the manufacture of apparel and footwear to help determine their authenticity.  The use of the technology in a unique traceable thread that uses covert security features will help combat counterfeiting and improve channel management in the textiles industry. The threads, used in manufacture or within garment labels, can only be detected using a proprietary reader.