Smart Dyes

SmartDye™ derives from PhotoSecure research into photoluminescence, which allows each ink batch to be customized with unique fluorescing characteristics. These include the frequency of light needed to activate them, the manner in which their fluorescence fades when that stimulus is removed, the exact color of the fluorescence, and other properties which can be detected and measured by designed scanners.

These variables give each mark a “machine-readable” signature that distinquishes, in the field, between genuine and counterfeit items.

SmartDye™ based marking materials are available as dyes, inks, or thin films. Their physical characteristics allow them to be applied at production speeds to a variety of labelling and packaging materials, including paper and cardboard, metal foils, thin films. They can also be applied directly to fibers and fabrics, plastics, and metals.  Encoded data, such as UPC or 2D barcodes, can be part of the mark’s physical configuration. This permits batch identity and other tracking information to be put on the product secretly, and read only by a properly configured scanner.