DNA Technologies has harnessed the power of genetic code by using a DNA-laced substance to tag, trace and track valuable products, brands and intellectual property. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage, and incorporate this patented and proprietary, DNA-based tracking method into your manufacturing process.

At DNA Technologies, we work with manufacturers, authenticators, license and trademark holders who share our concern with the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. Our unique marking methods have been used to protect the products and brand names of Thomas Kinkade, Hardy’s Wines, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the NFL’s Superbowl, Hanna-Barbera and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Learn more about this award-winning technology:

Tobacco & Spirits

Tobacco & Spirits manufacturers are affected by counterfeiting and diversion through the loss of sales, net income and brand erosion. Consequently, governments are affected through the loss of tax revenues. Both are the result of illegal production and distribution, due to the lack of use of an effective deterrent.  When counterfeiters want to capitalize on the brand equity of a product, the most effective way is to create quality packaging, containing inferior merchandise inside. The consumer generally can’t tell the difference until they open the packaging and find out the product doesn’t measure up to the brand name standard. Guess who they blame?

Tax evasion, especially on tobacco and spirits, is a major problem for governments, with potentially large amounts of tax revenue lost to illegal activities. Government tax stamp systems demand a new level of security. Multi-level marking and authentication are needed both to identify goods and guarantee anticipated revenues. DNA Technology’s products can help prove to the tax collector that you are taking steps to back up your sales figures and the reports the taxes are based upon.

Memorabilia & Collectibles

With the rapid expansion of the Internet and subsequent access to the global market, there has never been such growth potential for sales of memorabilia and collectibles. On the upside, there is also an increase of buyers of these products.

On the downside, there are an alarming number of inferior, misrepresented and forged, signed items being sold as genuine. How do buyers know what they purchase is real?

The application of a DNA MATRIX™ security mark helps distinguish authorized and legitimate goods in the global marketplace and bring credibility to manufacturers and distributors who seek this channel support.

Limited Edition Artwork

There has never been more growth potential for limited edition and original art than right now. With the rapid expansion of the Internet and its more than 2,500 online auctions and galleries, there is more art reaching the market, all available for purchase. The down side is an alarming number of inferior, misrepresented and forged artworks are being passed off as genuine. How do art buyers know if it is real?

The DNA Art Guard system allows artists and publishers to permanently authenticate and protect the integrity of their work. The DNA MATRIX™ (DNA gene segments and optical taggants) is applied when the work of art is created. This counterfeit-proof marker can easily be applied to originals and limited editions. Customers will know they are purchasing authentic art. Counterfeits and unauthorized reproductions can be easily identified and removed from the marketplace.


At some point in their lives, everyone needs some sort of medication. Sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals is a huge and very lucrative business. When our doctor orders a prescription to treat a specific medical problem, we assume we are getting the right medication. But are we?

Counterfeiters can now mass manufacture credible imitations of real or generic drugs, alter drugs with partial or totally fake ingredients or flood the market with illegal or addictive drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies can protect the quality of their prescription and OTC products using the DNA MATRIX™, a counterfeit-proof marker that can easily be applied to product labels and integrated into the manufacturing process.  The DNA MATRIX™ can also help reduce potential product liability and legal expenses. Consumers, distributors, doctors and pharmacists will know that they are buying their medication from a trusted manufacturer, who has a reputation for making legitimate products containing the correct ingredients.

Apparel & Luxury Goods

We live in the most brand conscious era in history. Companies thrive – or wither – depending on consumers’ attachment for, and faith in brands, which is especially true in the apparel & footwear industry. Nothing will damage a brand more than diversions and knock-offs propagating the market as the real thing.

You can protect the integrity of your brand with the DNA MATRIX™. Merchandise can be individually coded and tracked globally, at all times, from manufacturing through to retail.

Health & Beauty

Diverted products in the health & beauty industry can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use.  Fakes are never in fashion, but many fake health & beauty products can bring harm to your health.  Criminal activities are usually connected to the sales of counterfeit products and the sales from these fake products are known to fund child labour, sweat shops, drug cartels and possibly even terrorism.  Fake cosmetics are made cheaply with no regard for safety standards put forth by the health and beauty industries, and may contain illegal substances that can cause serious allergic reactions.

Major suppliers and big brands need to ensure that our product lines are genuine, because they can’t have their reputations called into question.  Further, for brands that distribute through exclusive channels need to secure their brand’s integrity, and a price premium.

Now you can protect your packaging and your company’s good name by simply applying DNA MATRIX™  to the UPC bar on your existing packaging. This counterfeit-proof and track-able marker can easily identify which packaging is counterfeit and which is genuine.

Security Printing

Governments, businesses, and institutions are fighting a never ending battle to preserve the integrity and authenticity of their documents. The primary cause for the proliferation of document fraud is easy access to high quality but low cost digital computers, copiers and scanners.

Governments and corporations require high security documents to prevent tampering, alteration and to allow for easy recognition of the genuine item.  Such products include tax documents, financial documents, government bonds, examination / company certificates, tax stamps and government identity documents, including passports and drivers licenses.  Government and business rely on the integrity of its products.  The DNA MATRIX™ can preserve this trust.