Unveil Leading Technologies for Enhanced Golf Equipment Authentication

11 Oct by Mike Hayes

Unveil Leading Technologies for Enhanced Golf Equipment Authentication

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA — DNA Technologies and Dormie Workshop, two well-established entities headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, are thrilled to announce a new collaboration, which is set to redefine the golf industry through cutting-edge authentication technology. By 

merging Dormie’s commitment to uniqueness and craftsmanship with DNA Technologies’ expertise in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions, this partnership aims to introduce a new era of trust and confidence for golfers worldwide. 

Dormie Workshop, founded by PGA Canada member Todd Bishop and his brother Jeff Bishop, has captured the hearts of the golfing community with its dedication to crafting personalized and distinct golf covers. Anchored in Nova Scotia, Dormie’s meticulously handmade leather products embodies the founders’ passion for design and functionality. Todd Bishop, Owner & Co-Founder of Dormie, expresses, “At Dormie Workshop, our mission has always been to create exceptional products that resonate with golfers. Joining forces with DNA Technologies enables us to elevate our offerings by introducing cutting-edge authentication, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.” 

DNA Technologies, pioneers in security marking and anti-counterfeiting solutions, are well-known for their patented DNA Matrix™ technology. This innovative approach will embed DNA into printing inks as an identifier, to invisibly mark and protect products from counterfeiting and diversion. Mike Hayes, Managing Director of DNA Technologies, highlights the significance of this partnership, “Our shared vision of upholding authenticity and combating fraud within the golf industry is set to deliver unmatched value to players and stakeholders.” 

Dormie Workshop will seamlessly integrate DNA Technologies’ authentication solutions into their product offerings, ensuring that each item leaving their facility is equipped with a two-tiered authentication system. This technology will empower consumers to validate and authenticate their products through the convenience of their smartphones, reaffirming the item’s legitimacy. Further, Dormie’s team will extend DNA authentication services to their own partners and clients, enhancing the overall integrity of golf equipment and accessories industry-wide. 

By merging Dormie’s passion for design with DNA Technologies’ technological capabilities, the partnership promises to redefine trust and authenticity in the world of golf. Bishop adds, “Golf fans can look forward to a future where every swing is backed by genuine craftsmanship and unwavering legitimacy.”

About Dormie Workshop 

Dormie Workshop, founded by PGA Canada member Todd Bishop and his brother Jeff Bishop, is the epitome of bespoke golf covers that intertwine craftsmanship, individuality, and an abiding love for the game. Seamlessly merging quality with passion, Dormie has established itself as a global reference for golfers seeking distinctiveness and excellence in their equipment. https://dormieworkshop.com/ 

About DNA Technologies 

DNA Technologies is a recognized leader in providing security marking and unequaled protection against counterfeiting and product diversion. The patented technology uses DNA-laced inks, dyes and resins to tag and protect valuable products, brands, and intellectual property. https://dnatechnologies.com/ 

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