A Letter From The Chairman

29 Apr by Mike Hayes

A Letter From The Chairman

DNA Technologies’ position regarding the COVID-19 emergency situation

First off, we are safe, we are keeping well, and we are operating efficiently, and effectively. It is ‘business as usual’ in an unusual environment.

As Chairman of DNA Technologies, I am extremely proud of our company and team for their continued efforts in navigating the current crisis. This would not be possible without the support and teamwork within our organization. 

We at DNA Technologies are working from home in accordance with the measures put in place by the United States & Canadian Governments to fight against COVID-19.

Our people, our clients and our community are our top priority. We have put in place plans and business processes to ensure that we protect their health and safety as we continue to fulfill our obligations and deliver for our clients.

Wendell Smith, Chairman
+1 888 836 2932
Twitter: @infoDNA