Artist gets DNA stamp of approval

20 Apr by Melanie

Artist gets DNA stamp of approval

DNA Technologies and HFX Canvas Prints Partner to provide new Art Authentication service

DNA Technologies, a leader in security marking and protection, and HFX Canvas Prints, a quality provider of print production services for artists and photographers, today announced a partnership to bring a new level of protection to the art community in Canada. HFX Canvas Prints will become one of the first companies to offer DNA print authentication services through DNA Technologies, providing artists across the country with the ability to permanently authenticate and protect the integrity of their work.

HFX Canvas Prints and DNA Technologies have worked together to authenticate limited edition fine art from Saltwreck, and will now offer the same service to other artists and publishers on their roster.  The first artist to incorporate the value added service into their production process is Fabrice the Artist, a celebrated Canadian hyperrealism pencil artist.

“We are thrilled to bring this innovative solution to the artists of Atlantic Canada,” said Brandon, owner of HFX Canvas Prints. “Our commitment to quality and our passion for the arts drives us to provide the highest level of protection for artists and their work. With the launch of our DNA print authentication service, artists can rest assured that their work, their copyright and their intellectual property will be protected for years to come.”

“I’m excited and proud to have a part in bringing this amazing technology to the art world,” said Fabrice Goosens ( “It’s so important to be able to authenticate your art in such a strong way – especially today. Blockchain applications such as NFTs have been used in recent years largely for their ability to provide non-fungible property rights in the art world. We are bringing the non-fungible technology to the tangible world of physical art and I’m very happy to be a part of that.” 

The new service will allow artists to authenticate their work using the DNA Matrix™, a combination of gene segments and optical taggants that is applied to the work of art during production and/or printing. In addition, artists will have the ability to now track and trace their artwork through DNA Technologies’ secure online platform.  Artists and publishers can ensure the ongoing protection of their brand and reputation in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

“Our partnership with HFX Canvas Prints marks a new era in art authentication,” said Mike Hayes, Managing Director of DNA Technologies. “With the launch of our DNA print authentication service, artists can have peace of mind knowing that their work will be protected for generations to come.”