Authentication of Voter Ballots with DNA Matrix

12 May by Mike Hayes

Authentication of Voter Ballots with DNA Matrix

Just in time, the DNA protection system against counterfeiting is now a reality. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, including voting in the upcoming election, which will be pushed towards Absentee Balloting. And although COVID may have had a significant impact on this change, it can be argued that it is long overdue seeing as there is a historic concern for faking ballots in the primaries. Absentee ballots have little to no authenticity markings or procedures to assure the ballot is the ballot and the voter is the voter.

The first question is now possible to prove with new technology, which is easily employed in the printing of ballots. Forensic DNA markers can be introduced into modern-day printers so that this best of breed anti-counterfeiting concept can take place with no changes needed in today’s printing machines of any kind.

The addition of a barcode adds the ability to store information about that piece of paper, so it can be tracked with a barcode reader and authenticated any time, in any place.

The most important aspect to all of this is that the forensic DNA mark is invisible, but easily confirmed in the database as the one and only original.  It will not copy by any technique, and when received by the election office they are able to cross-reference the item issued by them by barcode reader to their own records. 

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