DNA Technologies partners with Bloqs4Good on product traceability

24 Aug by Melanie

DNA Technologies partners with Bloqs4Good on product traceability

Complete authentication solution presented for global brands

August 24, 2021

(Halifax, Canada) DNA Technologies, a division of Polestar Ltd, and Bloqs4Good announced today that they would collaborate to distribute a unique security tracking system for global retail brands.

The security system will use Bloqs4Good patent pending technology and embed a unique identification DNA code to mark and identify authentic products. As well, the system will enable a robust and powerful tracking system called Trust4Good, built on blockchain and decentralized technology to track & trace the products from the factory through to the end consumer. 

Under the terms of the agreement, DNA Technologies will promote and deliver Bloqs4Good’s multiple technology solutions to their client network and prospects in North America. DNA Technologies and Bloqs4Good will collaborate to further leverage Blogs4Good’s decentralized technology and NFTs in the art and collectibles markets.

“The fit here was quite remarkable. We are both dedicated to provenance – DNA Technologies protects physical/ tangible assets. Bloqs4Good has developed the technology for both physical and Digital assets, and a third category of Hybrid assets. Together, we have an end-to-end solution that protects global brands – from manufacture, right through the supply chain to the end consumer”, said Mike Hayes, Managing Director of DNA Technologies.

“One of the first solutions developed by us was around the very important issue of counterfeit, a $2.3T industry which funds much criminality, including human trafficking. We also empower brands to validate their supply chain to communicate their sustainability. We are very proud to collaborate with DNA Technologies. We see this as the next logical step to protect global brands”, added Joey Adler, CEO, Bloqs4Good.  

“Our platform empowers brand owners to increase product sales, grow profits, and build the power of their brands by directly communicating key values with their customers and end consumers – at the moment they choose to buy. Consumers today are increasingly demanding more transparency around the goods that they purchase, be it in relation to sustainability, ethical-sourcing, or authenticity. With the growth of the global supply chains, product identity and traceability become increasingly important for globally minded companies and distributors.” 

About Bloqs4Good Inc.

Bloqs4Good has built revolutionary patent pending technology around the new programmable economy. The technology is based on decentralization, and created with individuals, business and SMEs to participate in the coming Programmable economy. From supply chain integrity to an engine for NFTs to a solution for independent retail, the technology was designed to enable smart business solutions for the future. More information is available at https://bloqs4good.com/.