Game changing solution for sports memorabilia authentication

30 Mar by Melanie

Game changing solution for sports memorabilia authentication

DNA Technologies and Partner to Authenticate Sports Collectibles 

at the 50th Annual Sports Charity Dinner in Halifax

DNA Technologies announced today a new partnership with to authenticate sports collectibles and memorabilia at the Canadian Progress Club – Halifax’s annual Sports Charity Dinner on March 30th, 2023.

This year, the Sports Charity Dinner is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and remains relevant to today’s audiences through the use of leading-edge technologies. For the first time in Canada and North America, the event will use a two-tier authentication system that combines physical and digital technologies to verify the authenticity of sports collectibles and memorabilia.

“For 20 years we have been proudly supporting the Sports Charity Dinner with our services. This year we are thrilled to be partnering with Laava and combine our technologies to provide unparalleled protection against counterfeiting,” said Mike Hayes, Managing Director of DNA Technologies. “Our joint solution will not only help protect brands and their intellectual property, but also provide consumers with the confidence that they are purchasing authentic products.”

DNA Technologies is a recognized leader in providing security marking and protection against counterfeiting and product diversion. Their patented technology uses DNA-laced inks, dyes, and resins to tag and protect valuable products, brands, and intellectual property. The DNA Matrix™ is an identifiable gene segment that is applied invisibly to protect the marked products for life.

Laava Smart Fingerprints® are the secure and globally scalable alternative to QR codes, helping protect brands and consumers against the risk of counterfeits, fraudulent activity and diversion—while simultaneously building consumer engagement, brand value and revenue through immersive digital experiences.

“We’re excited to be working with DNA Technologies and the Progress Club to bring our technology to Canada and North America for the first time,” said Gavin Ger, CEO of “Our partnership will provide the ultimate authentication solution, combining the physical protection of DNA Technologies’ marking technology with the digital security of our Laava Smart Fingerprint® technology.”