Marking For Safety And Security

18 Dec by Melanie

Marking For Safety And Security

Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) has announced a partnership with DNA Technologies to enhance its security printing and brand protection portfolio.

As part of Engineered Printing Solutions’ continued desire to remain on the cutting edge, they have partnered with DNA Technologies to provide the latest in advanced security marking. Engineered Printing Solutions will be demonstrating these technologies at 2015 trade show events.

In response to a growing number of recall incidents (food, pharmaceutical, toys, etc.), a wave of technology and systems vendors have emerged over the last few years to offer a range of traceability solutions and tools for industry. DNA Technologies offers one of the most promising answers to the problems posed by the need for product authentication, counterfeiting and diversion.

The DNA Matrix™ security mark can be applied in many ways to secondary packaging, or to direct part marking.

The global anti-counterfeit market for food and pharmaceuticals is expected to be worth US$79.3 billion this year, and the North American market is expected to account for nearly 62% of the total revenues, according to Smithers Pira. The driving forces for such growth are a recovered economy, greater awareness of the counterfeiting problem, legislation, regulation, standardization, and technical advancements.

DNA Technologies’ patented technology uses DNA-laced ink to tag and protect valuable products, brands and intellectual property. This technology offers a very high degree of security and reliability, providing a security system that is virtually impossible to be broken or duplicated by counterfeiters. DNA “taggants” are added to printing inks, which therefore present a significant obstacle and deterrent for potential counterfeiters.  The key benefits of the technology include the ability to recover revenues, trace distribution, preserve the integrity of products in the marketplace, and increase consumer confidence in well known brand names.

The DNA Matrix™ security mark also incorporates special photo luminescent qualities, which allows ink batches to be customized with light emitting characteristics. These unique traits include the frequency of light needed to activate them, the manner in which their fluorescence fades when that stimulus is removed, and the exact color of the fluorescence, which can be detected and measured by specially designed scanners.  These variables give each mark a “machine-readable” signature that distinguishes, in the field, between genuine and counterfeit items.

Through our partnership with DNA Technologies, Engineered Printing Solutions offers new solutions in security printing and brand protection.  Our goal is to provide the widest range of leading edge technologies currently available in the marketplace, which allow for a multi-layered solutions and assures the OEM or brand owner the protection they need in the most effective way possible.

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