Thomas Kinkade: More Than an Artist?

30 Jan by Mike Hayes

Thomas Kinkade: More Than an Artist?

Thomas Kinkade. An incredible artist, and in my mind, marketer. If you don’t know Kinkade, here’s a short brief: 

Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his art – and the branded products created from that art. From textiles, to collectibles, to music and books, Thom gave credit to a higher power for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings. His goal as an artist, who was Christian, was to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace and joy into their lives through the images he had created. (via.

Kinkade was a person who set out to make people happy with simple pleasures and inspiration through his artwork. But when we look at his career and how he became as successful as he did, it was not only how we connected with his audience, but his success in limited-edition prints. Kinkade eventually became known for his special edition releases which we’re sought by many. But how did he manage to become as successful as he did? What made his works truly unique? 

Kinkade needed to ensure he protected his royalties, and he managed to do that with a DNA mark on each of his pieces. Kinkade did this using a signature auto pen which led to big success becoming a multi-millionaire. Eventually, Kinkade was such an established, highly sought-after artist that he licenced his name for calendars and keepsakes, which managed to become a hit during holiday seasons. But let’s take a step back and talk a bit more about the signature auto-pen he used. When he first set things up he used a marking system which was developed to protect his IP, Company and more importantly himself, for over 20 years. This DNA technology is called DNA Matrix Double Security Signature Authentication System which allows artists and publishers to permanently authenticate and protect the integrity of their work. The counterfeit-proof marker can easily be applied to originals and limited editions so that customers will know they are purchasing authentic art. 

So, to revisit my opening statement, throughout Kinkade’s life, he was able to become a greatly accomplished artist, but without his efforts in protecting, marketing, and licencing his work, I don’t believe he would have seen as much success as he did. And For that, I believe Kinkade was more than just an artist, but deep down, a marketer, and inspiration to many.