New DocuLock™ product brings unprecedented security to important documents

24 Jun by Mike Hayes

New DocuLock™ product brings unprecedented security to important documents

DNA Technologies activates license to US Patent US20040080777A1 (Smith)

Over the past year, the team at DNA Technologies have been working towards the launch of their first document security system, patented and licensed by the parent company of DNA Technologies, Polestar Ltd LLC. The DocuLock system has been developed in DNA Technologies’ own test and development facility for their regional customer base in New England, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

DocuLock – “Secure Document Printing” in which the invention is described in detail including, but not limited to, disclosure that that security data specific to each page of said digital file, that the mark printed on each page of the printed file comprises covert data, and reproduction of the printed file as an authenticatable printed file is prevented by means of the mark containing data unique to each page of the printed file.

We proudly introduce DocuLock – a document security system for securely printing documents, that are uniquely marked on each page of paper with an embedded DNA security mark, such that copying and or alteration is prevented. The security mark comprises information relating to the particular document, and further being unique to each page of the document.

The DocuLock system evolved out of DNA Technologies’ original, 25-year DNA marking invention, where they have tagged hundreds of thousands of objects, from sports memorabilia, fine art, diamonds and gemstones, gold and precious metals, packaged goods, tax stamps and pill bottles. This is a natural extension of the DNA marking business, which uses the unique DNA taggants that are placed inside inks, dyes and resins to print or create a unique forensic signature on our customers’ high value products. 

As we move into the digital era, documents are becoming easier to copy, making the use of the DocuLock system paramount. This comes at a time where banks, legal firms, and other large corporations are struggling with a universal standard for document security, enabling DocuLock to serve as the new defacto standard for securing each and every page of an important document. The protection of a signatory on a document is a similar process to securing ‘signed in the presence’ memorabilia from sports celebrities.

With an DNA signature embedded in an invisible barcode, we provide the Document a ‘waybill number’ page by page – for every person, Track & Trace with cell phone Authentication- for all to see.

DNA has become synonymous with proof of authenticity and scientific accuracy and these powerful attributes make DNA a prime candidate for a unique security marker.

The DNA Matrix™ is a high security anti-counterfeiting mark that cannot be reverse engineered or duplicated. It can be a covert or overt mark, detectable with specially calibrated readers for “in the field” verification.

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