Peace for Ukraine fundraiser launched by Saltwreck

19 May by Mike Hayes

Peace for Ukraine fundraiser launched by Saltwreck

May 13th, 2022

(Yarmouth, NS) Saltwreck, a producer of artwork that incorporates maps into iconic images and landmarks, announced today that it is launching a donation campaign to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.  The company has commissioned a limited-edition map artwork print released as Peace for Ukraine. The design is a circle peace emblem and inside it is the map of Kyiv, Ukraine, and surrounding areas. The colors used in the artwork are the true colors of the Ukrainian flag. Beneath the map, the official salute of the armed forces of Ukraine “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!”.

100 limited-edition prints of the map artwork will be available for purchase online at In partnership with another local company, Stanfield’s Ltd., a custom t-shirt displaying the Peace for Ukraine design can also be purchased online at  All profits from the sale of both the exclusive print and t-shirt will go to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to provide aid to the people of Ukraine.

Saltwreck Founder, Miguel D’Eon, described the catalyst for the campaign fundraiser. “As a father and a proud Acadian entrepreneur, I feel a responsibility to do something. The story unfolding in Ukraine is absolutely heart-wrenching. Still to this day and almost 400 years later, an important piece of the Acadian identity is the deportation, a forced exile that the Acadians endured. We need to give Ukrainians hope that their strength, resilience and unity will get them through this dark chapter. We must show them that the Acadians survived, thrived, and so will they. Although the Ukraine situation is much different than the Acadian deportation story of the 1700’s, it has many eerie similarities, specifically with thousands of families who have been displaced by the actions of another country.”

Saltwreck has partnered with DNA Technologies, Saltwreck’s digital art partner, to help promote the fundraising initiative. Together, they will combine efforts and expertise to make this a successful campaign. 

The artwork was originally commissioned by the Yarmouth & Area Chamber of Commerce. Rick Allwright, Executive Director, noted, “We are proud to commission the art to support the starting point for this great fundraising initiative. We are encouraging all businesses and business organizations across Canada to contribute to this campaign.” 

“As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our multicultural heritage. We should all stand up to support the Ukrainians – culture helping culture,”  D’Eon added.

To donate, visit

For more information, please contact:
Miguel D’Eon
Founder / President
Saltwreck Inc.